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Zorra recommends this House of FREEDOM Natural Law Trust


House of Freedom Natural Law Trust

This  product is one of the best asset protection instruments in the world. It  is used to support humanitarian causes, it reduces liabilities, and it  provides greater protection. This state-of-the-art trust design provides  exceptional freedom for peaceful people.

These  trusts can be operated in all countries anywhere in the world. Trust  clients may become either trustees or creators, beneficiaries, and  managers. They are infinitely flexible, and can be adapted to any  ethical, lawful, and noble purpose.

If you have currency, it is a Trust you can use before you exchange and after!

Learn all the WONDERFUL details for this Trust in this eBook!

Taansen's Trust Info Call

On June 28, 2018, Taansen Sumeru,  founder of Brilliance in Commerce, spoke in detail about trusts but  especially focused on the Natural Law Trust. He addressed the the  differences between a Trust as we know it to be versus and the Natural  Law Trust. He spoke in detail how the Natural Law Trusts can work for  you to protect your assets versus the others set up by the banks etc. It  was an excellent presentation and the questions and comments were very  apreciated! 

Here you will find all of Dr. Kyre's Enchange Informaiton


1. The exchange process: 

Exchange Process 2018

2. Gifting Statement — fill in with the necessary details, get it witnessed and/or notarized.

Gifting Statement

3. Here  is a sample spreadsheet with the international rates and the suggested  contract rates. Obviously you need to plug in your own amounts in column  A. 

RV Exchange rates

4. One-page  project summary: contact, title of project, amount requested, summary  of problem, summary of possible solution, those who benefit

Project Summary-TSF i.e.Homeless Women Vets  

5. Sample  form to CONVEY currencies into a trust — this must be done BEFORE the  RV if you plan to exchange directly into the trust. It’s the equivalent  of a gifting statement. 

Bank Transfer-Conveyance 

Have fun writing your plan and getting your bank folder together!

Blessings, Kyre

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