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Dianne Robbins Books = Paper Back & Ebook

 Her Telos book  opened the way for people worldwide to make their own connection to  Adama and the City of Telos.  The messages in her book were dictated by  Adama, word-for-word, and never edited. Each sentence carries the pure  flow of energy from Adama that connects you to Telos through Adama’s own  vibration.  Since then, Dianne has written four more books full of  channeled messages from the Hollow Earth and Nature Kingdoms. 

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Dianne Robbins Audio Books

Dianne says "With  this new sense of purpose, I have dedicated my life to receiving and  publishing my telepathic transmissions from Beings residing in Higher  Realms of consciousness. My goal is to spread these messages around the  globe in hopes of awakening surface humans to the existence of those  that inhabit the Oceans, Subterranean Realms, Hollow Earth, and Surface  Nature Kingdoms through the publication of my books. "

Now the are ALL available for download as audio books in .Mp3 format! Listen in the car, at work or while you are cooking dinner.

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Peter Sterling's Music

Celebrated  Harpist Peter Sterling’s life is a reminder to all who offer themselves  as an open vessel for the Divine, that there’s no stop button once  Spirit unleashes its creativity.  Peter also creates sacred  geometry Stained Glass art, and presents dynamic workshops on the  science of sound healing & sacred geometry. 

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Here is the CD by Peter that Christine Light wishes for ALL to have called Center of the Circle!

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Peter Sterling's Mandala Art

 I invite you to explore a multidimensional realm of beautiful  kaleidoscopic images. Through a unique alchemy of hand crafted stained  glass art,photography, digital effects and angelic guidance a prismatic  and holographic world is revealed. Angels and Arch angels, elemental and  devic beings, galactic way showers and luminous light beings of  extraordinary beauty and detail come to life in these fractal mandalas. 

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