Zorra & Saraiya = Invocation, Healing Pulse & Meditation

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Multidimensional Selves Attunement 

This attunement is for the spiritual explorer who desires to integrate  their being and access greater levels of cosmic wisdom and awareness.  Ultimately it is for anyone who wishes to experience and radiate a  frequency of Love and Light. 




Zorra recommends we join together in this meditation daily, globally, coordinated to 3 PM Pacific


Well, what I’m going to say is this is a special time. This is a special time for you, all of you, globally. We are going to what is termed enable you to do what is termed as make connection with your Godselves. And that is what this meditation is about. And it is also about bringing forth your blessing that you have been waiting for. So, my beloved Saraiya is standing by and she has it all planned out, the meditation.

And so – we only have 20 minutes – so I am going to be silent myself and I am going to bring forth my beloved Saraiya, and she shall take it from this point. So, it is about meditating. So prepare yourselves. Turn off your iPads and iPods and things that are going to distract you. And turn off your telephones and go into your altar room or into your private space or your way out in Mother Nature and out with trees. And just get away from your hustle and bustle of your everyday existence. All right? Let us begin. And here is my beloved Saryya.

Indeed. Beloved children of Terra. We welcome all of you today to partake of this great event of this global meditation. So to begin everyone of you, just begin to relax. Whether you're sitting in a chair, whether you are out in nature whether you're in the woods or on the beach, or you are by a tree.  Just sit and begin to relax with your feet on the ground, preferably on grass or on the sand or on the ground, but preferably with your feet connected to our beloved Terra and being barefoot if possible.

And now begin and bring in this universal life energy as you know. Bring it in as you breathe in and as you exhale just breathe out all stale air; all that no longer needs to reside within your bodies. And breathe in again this new age of awakening, this new age of transition. This is for all of you beloved ones, beloved Masters who have deigned that you be here at this time. And so relax and we shall begin to relax by bringing forth this beautiful light, this wonderful energy, this universal life energy of which we all participate in.

Bring this wonderful light – and it is a Golden White Light that hovers above and around you. Bring it in as you breathe in through your nostrils, through your pores into every cell of your body relaxing more and more.

Zorra:       And as you breathe out, you breathe out the negativity.

Saraiya:    Breathing out all the worry. Breathing out all the doubts.

Zorra:       Taking in your God selves.

Saraiya:    Bringing in this vibrant light that is healing -- this universal healing energy -- into every cell of your body.

And as you breathe in again, let us start with your feet. Relax all your toes,  relax all the muscles. Relax your bones and now relax your ankles. Just relax. Breathe in the Golden White Light and relax even more.  Your entire feet is now completely relaxed.

And then relax your calves. If you have any tension, relax and let go of all tensions that you may have in your all your muscles, in your  bones, in your knees. Let go of all pain and all suffering. Just let go. Relax your knees, feeling them soften and then relax your thighs above and below. Relax your buttocks. So very relaxed now as you’re breathing in this Golden White Light of healing energy. Replacing and letting go of all the old. Bringing in all the new atoms, your new crystalline atoms within your body.

Letting go of the old. Bringing in the new. Bring in fresh energy. Bring in the new energies that are pouring in on to mother Terra and into all of you. And now relax your lower torso. All of your organs. Relax even more as you begin to slowly breathe in and out. Relax your abdomen, organs. Relax your lower back. Relax your stomach, your liver, your lungs.

And now relax the back muscles. Relax your chest muscles. All the organs within your entire torso. Stomach muscles. Relax your throat. Relax your esophagus. Relax the throat, all of your lymphatics. And now relax your shoulders and arms.

Oh it is ever so soothing as you breathe in this universal life energy you are rejuvenating all your muscles; rejuvenating all your cells. Your DNA is ever-changing more into crystalline. Your DNA is awakening. Your new DNA that you have forgotten; that has been dormant. It is now reawakening.

And now relax your arms, your upper arms and your lower arms. And your fingers, and your palms. And begin to relax your facial muscles. Ever so soothing and relaxed. In fact your jaw is now relaxed. Your eyes, your lids, ever so soothing, so relaxed. As well as your skull.

Breathe in this warmth. Breathe in this healing energy. As all of your Archangels or Angels are here with you now, they are here in your presence as you elevate into a higher state of consciousness. As you connect with your Higher Self and higher still with your Godselves.

You are now in a state of bliss. In a state where you are able to connect with your Higher Consciousness Self which is where and who you truly are. You can always connect at this level. For this is the level where you were able to manifest; to manifest forth your abundance, the abundance of your great health, your abundance of great peace and harmony. That is who you are. You are Gods and Goddesses. You are one with your Ascended Masters. You are one with us. You are one with Prime Creator. You are One as we are all One.

Zorra:       Indeed. That is so.

Saraiya:    We now bring forth the peace that you all are. Bring forth peace upon Mother Terra. Where there is only peace and nonviolence. Where there is great health and no illness, no suffering; all are abundantly healthy.  We are abundance in all forms.

Abundance in your blessings. You have it here and now. Reach forth and receive your great abundance, all your prosperity, all of your blessings, all of your great health, all peace, all harmony, all the joy.

Abundant bliss is around and within all of you. Feel it. Feel how right you are. When you know who you truly are you will know what lightness you feel. What love you feel. You feel it in your heart. You feel this love in your entirety. You feel it in your universe as you are one with the universe. You are one with your Galactic families. You are one with the Angelic realms. You are one with your Ascended Masters. You can feel this at any time.

As you move forth in this blissful state, bring that back with you when it is time. Feel, be, do this always. This is who you are: Oneness with infinity. Oneness with Prime Creator. Always Oneness that you are. Be the action of this when you come back to this reality -- which is only an illusion -- so bring forth the truth of who you are in this bliss upon Terra.

Zorra:       In actuality do what is termed as stay where you are in your meditation, even after this 20 minutes is over. Just stay where you are and soak in the love and the Gods and Goddesses that you are.

Just feel that energy welling up within you as you walk on the white sandy beaches of Hollow Earth. As you step into the Hollow Earth warm waters and you commune with the mer peoples and things of this nature, and you see the oneness of them and the oneness of Hollow Earth. And the oneness of the power that lies within you. It is there. It is waiting to be tapped into.

So just do that.

Stay in your meditating state even after this meditation has come to an end. Let it not end, but continue within you. Stay as long as you desire, walking on the sands of Hollow Earth. Hand-in-hand with your Godselves. With your friends and with your relatives and with your brothers and sisters of Hollow Earth. Just walk with them and feel the Goddesses and Gods that you are. Because you truly are Gods and Goddesses. And therefore abundance is yours and you can bring this forth yourselves.

We are just giving you what is termed the tools to do that; to bring forth your blessing; to bring forth the knowingness of the Gods and Goddesses that you are, and the healers that you are. And the power and the glory of that which you are.

You are more than you could possibly imagine. You are infinite. You are without limitations. You are endless.

You have what is termed within you the endless love of Mother Terra. And she is spreading forth that love to you. Even now, I feel it. I know you do too. You feel it just bathing you, your entire being. And as it does, as it bathes your entire being, every cell of your body is being healed. Every cell.

And just know that and claim it as your inheritance, because that is your inheritance, to know that you are the Gods and Goddesses that were told about of olden times. You were the Gods and Goddesses that created the universe. You are the Gods and Goddesses who created this world, this reality. You are the Gods and Goddesses. Remember who you are. Know it within you. Let there be no doubt that you are Gods and Goddesses. So be it.

It is done. It is finished. Now that it is finished, continue to stay in this place of meditation. And when you feel like coming back or stepping into your reality that you have now accomplished, notice the difference within you. Notice the power within you, and notice the Gods and Goddesses, and the healers that all of you are. So be it.

Saraiya:    It is complete. Bask in the love and the light of you, beloved ones. Good day.

Zorra:       And of your abundance.

Saraiya:    Bring forth your abundance.

Zorra:       Indeed.

Saraiya:    Good Bye.

Zorra:       It is finished.