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"Zorra Call"      SATURDAY, Jan. 19, 2019
9:o0 AM Pacific 10:00 AM Mountain 11:00 AM Central 12:00 PM Eastern
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***********************************                      "2019" - A year of great Changes, Transformations and Awakenings. Be Aware, Be Creative and Be Loving. You are an Enlightened Being. ~                      Dear beloved Goddesses and Gods,
Welcome  to "2019" a brand new year of Beginnings. We can begin today to  consciously focus and create a plan for improving your life. It's your  choice what the plan consists of and how to go about it and when it is  going to be implemented and accomplished.  
One  plan could be to change your diet...that's always good for a New Year's  resolution. This year you may consider becoming vegetarian as you have  become more aware that animals have feelings and a soul too.  
Another  plan could be to find a way to volunteer your time to help in some way  in your community. It's time to show Love in action. Do something for  the benefit of others that you have not yet done.
Another  plan could be to stop procrastinating and clean out the closets or  house and bring what you don't need or want but in good condition to the  shelters or thrift stores.  
A  plan could be to set aside on a regular basis to spend quality time  with family or friends. Set aside judgment and ego. Even if their  beliefs are opposite of yours, let go of differences or  misunderstandings. You will find that the hurts and pains begin to  dissolve. You have learned to let go of lower 3D energies.  
Also,  plan to set aside quality time for you. Include time for meditation and  self healing. Also take time to be out in nature more often if  possible. Terra Christa is always there to bring stillness, balance and  sunshine into your life.
Whatever  plans you have designed for yourself, if done with the intention of  Pure Love and Joy, you will have already assisted in the Transformation  of Mankind and Gaia or Terra Christa.  
We are Creating New Earth with every positive step we take and it starts with each of us!
Jane, Billie, Zorra and Saraiya
Now on Youtube: Zorra Call:  ASCENSION SUMMIT CALL - 12-29-2018

 LIMBIC ARC Conference Call - Ron Spence, Dr. Russell,   Dr. Jerry Shaw  Date: Monday, Jan. 21, 2019  FreeConferenceCall:  Dial-in: 641-715-0632, Access Code: 554387#
RePlay: 641-715-0744, Access Code: 554387#, Ref 43
 Join Jared Rand for next week's Meditations on the Super and Powerful Blood Moon Eclipse. (You may want to wear your Healing Headbands during the meditations) See you all then.   
 SPECIAL PRODUCT CALL  - Come and Join us and hear about a program that will help you to pay  off loans, debts etc. Learn how it works . It's under $30 and it is a  CO-OP. For additional information go to:
 Date: Thursday 1-24-2019  Time: 5 pm PT, 6 pm MT, 7 pm CT, 8 pm ET FreeconferenceCall:  Dial-in: 641-715-0632, Access Code: 554387# RePlay: 641-715-0744, Access Code: 554387#, Ref 44
 NEW PreTeen and Teen Talk & Meditation with Jane   Date: Sunday, 1-27-2019   Time: 15-20 minutes long  5 pm PT, 6 pm MT, 7 pm CT, 8 pm ET FreeconferenceCall:  Dial-in: 641-715-0632, Access Code: 554387#
Some LINKS for you to LEARN from and ENJOY:
Christine Light forwarded this link: Equinox Meditation
Messages from Beyond - Interview with Jesus part 1 by Emanuelle Mcintosh

7 Difficult but simple buddhist Habits that will change your life

Paul Hellyer - Current events - Cabal, Trump, UFO's and ET's
******************************************** Amazing Quantum - LIMBIC ARC
Dr Cook - Limbic Arc Technology May 3, 2018

How does the Limbic Arc work?
More information below under SERVICES.
Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of SiselH2Stix! On Friday, Dec  21st, 2018 Sisel's Founder and Chief Science Officer Tom Mower, Sr.  PH.D. was a Special Guest Speaker on the Sisel in the Morning Call to  Roll Out of one of the Hottest Products Ever from Sisel International:  Sisel H2 Stix - Here is how to access the recording of this Must Hear  Call: Recorded Call Access info for the Sisel in the Morning call on Fri Dec 21st Recorded Call Number: (530) 881-1219 Access Code: 198 881 361 #  Call Reference Number: 441 ***********************************                      "DAILY GLOBAL MEDITATION FOR HUMANITY AND TERRA CHRISTA" WITH JARED RAND
TIME-DAILY: 3 PM EASTERN DIAL IN: 641-715-0857, Code: 303471#
Join  Jared and thousands (the Collective) who are assisting to raise the  vibrational frequency and consciousness of Humanity which greatly  assists in our Ascension!
 Website for meditation:   Website:  
*********************************************                       ATTENTION: All Spanish Speaking Brothers and Sisters:  
We have been receiving many emails and calls in Spanish and we request that you send your requests or comments to either:    Gabriella - email:
Teresa Santiago - email:  Teresa also has volunteered to oversee and administer the Hollowearth Facebook!  
We thank you both very much for helping us connect with our Spanish population!! We appreciate all you do!
Soon lets have a "Zorra Call" just for our Spanish speaking Sisters and Brothers! Thank you!   ***********************************************                      ***SERVICES***
 Quick summary and updates of  the the key Health and Healing Products that we endorse. All have been  endorsed and blessed by Zorra, Saraiya and the Galactics  

 Amazing QUANTUM Technology -  LIMBIC ARC  
 Our Website:   Sponsor ID: Quantumjb (Jane Stevens)

"Very Comprehensive presentation" - 
NOV 23, 2018 - RON SPENCE - "LIMBIC ARC"  "A very Comprehensive Presentation 
REPLAY: 641-715-0744, 554387#, REF# 39
Recordings for you:
 TOPICS: Testimonials – How to Build the Limbic Arc BINARY – Etc.    DATE: October 24, 2018 .. MUST HEAR CALL!  [RECORDED]      ONLINE:   (52 min)   Playback: 605-475-4975 / code 810912# / Ref. 2
Due to popular demand here is the recording of the Limbic Arc Radio show on Sunday night.

 Having FUN! LIMBIC ARC - 3rd TEAM CALL    TOPIC: “AMPING UP” Your Limbic Arc!   DATE:  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31  ONLINE: (39 min)    HOST: Dr Jerry Shaw, with Donna Pence and Dr. DePalma  DIAL IN:   (605) 475-4975  / code:  810912 # Reference 3  
EXCELLENT  call tonight with Master Affiliate Ron Spence about what’s in the works  with Limbic Arc and a clear explanation of the Comp Plan! Limbic Arc 2nd TRAINING_November 1, 2018   ONLINE:  
************************************************** Call Valerie 928-5374411 or Dr. Quila 928-358-9791 as soon as you can.
Dr. Quila Rider's email: Dr. Quila's website for more information: or
 LifeWave: Transformative wellness products that tap into the body’s natural energy frequencies through "patches". These are "patented,  proprietary wellness products that deliver more energy, better sleep,  reduced stress, sharper mental focus, and an overall feeling of youthful  vitality".   Jane and Billie's Website:  ID: 1007135
 Sisel International: The A.G.E. Pill plus their many   other excellent products! The A.G.E Pill is not only anti-aging but it is actually reverses the aging process! and our ID: 10216157  customer service: 801-704-6700
Sizzlers Team Call recording with Special Guest: Tom Mower, Sr. July 10, 2018 - This was an amazing call!!  It's  time to do what we know in our hearts we are capable of doing and  change not only our lives but the lives of thousands of others around  the world! ~ JS (58 powerful minutes)  712-451-0369 / code 108943# / Ref # 71
 Check it out: (password protected: 123go)    ***********************************************
 NEW: SOMADERM - HGH Gel - Powerful combination of Homeopathic and botanical sciences. This will be available mid-August. ID: 117674 

Check  out this youtube interview with Dr. Frederick Sabido, a general surgeon  of 25 yrs. and owns one of the largest hormone and longevity clinics in  New York City. I thought his testimonial was good.

Somaderm - 3 min. Video
Recorded Call with Dr. Georgia about Somaderm 40 min.  
 Pure-Light uses super oxygen technology!   Website:  Our PLT ID#: 25522  (you will need this number to join) Customer Service: 208-252-5996,  Open M-F 9am-4:30pm Mountain Time
 Rain International: food supplements: SOUL, Core,  BEND(for arthritis and joint pains) and other products. It is the first seed nutrient of its kind! Excellent antioxidants and tastes great too! and ID: 138263  customer service: 801-724-6606
 Atomy-usa: HemoHIM and many other products. HemoHim is the only anticancer product that was FDA approved in Korea.    Go to:, Login by entering S8388791, password: 123456. In order to order, you will need our assistance.   
ENERGY Healing tools:
 1.Lemurian Crystal Headband, Harmonizers and Rods plus the Denas Pain Relief Device   Christine Light  email:
 2.Dianne Robbins Books and Audios
 3.Peter Sterling - Angelic healing music and mandalas
 4. - Peter Olson  
Education of the combination of spiritual, science and Quantum and includes Mastery of Quantum
 5.Ted Mahr Radio show -   or at 1150 AM KKNW radio

 6.RASA- Ananda Devi and Ramaji    "A path of non-dual Awakening"

 6."Special" Intuitive Note Cards and Paintings    Special Savings for the "holidays" Beautifully designed and infused with high positive vibrations by Artist, Kathleen Beening Email: or call  Jane at 719-428-9746 or  email:  for more information   *********************************************************                      CONTACT INFORMATION - UPDATED  Contact:  
 Archives of Zorra's calls:                                

PURIFICATION and HEALING TECHNIQUE                                            
Image on the Left shows hand placement for those in the Northern Hemisphere. (above the equator) Image on the Right shows hand placement for those in the Southern Hemisphere. (below the equator) Directions: Taste  your water or fruit (any food)first before beginning. Then rub your  palms together for 3-4 seconds and place in the position above for 1-2  min. Then re-taste the glass of water or food. If done properly, you  will taste a subtle difference.   Result of this  purification technique: You change the molecular structure of the water  or whatever food it is. This is your god power at work removing toxins,  chemicals or any impurity. Now the food or water tastes smoother, cooler  fresher or in the case of fruit, it will taste sweeter. You will taste  the difference. If you don't taste a difference, you just need a little  more practice is all.   

For food, this is a  wonderful technique to teach children, family, friends or with waiters  or waitresses when you go out to eat. Let them do the technique in front  of you and they will be amazed.  
Additionally, you can  use this for healing people but you can also, just rub your hands  together and place your hands on either side of the affected area and  say, 5-4-3-2-1, RECEIVE, and the recipient should say, 5-4-3-2-1, I  receive and from the god/goddess of my being, I am completely healed of  _____ and I know it. You can keep your hands on the area for a 2 minutes  of even more and repeat the process.  
Inform them of the god/goddess power they have. We are all healers!