Healing Tools

Hollow Earth Lemurian Crystal Headbands

  • Powerful Healing and Galactic Transmission Receiver Tool
  • Helps open your 3rd eye and keeps it open
  • Assists in achieving a deeper and focused meditation
  • It enhances greater concentration and clarity

Zorra's Pendant & Harmonizer

Zorra of Hollow Earth Harmonizer Pendant

  • Subtle clearing and balancing of energy on many levels
  • EMF protection and sheild
  • Created with the most powerful & helpful Earth elements
  • Learn more about these HARMONIZERS below

Dianne Robbins Books

Not only is the Earth HOLLOW, but it is inhabited by Advanced Civilizations!  Read about the existence of these evolved civilizations that live in peace and brotherhood in the Center of our Earth. 

Dianne's books are incredible learning. She is the voice for the elementals. Her books are available in ebook, hard copy and soon to be audio.

Peter Sterlings High Vibrational Music

The music on this CD is designed to harmonically  re-align the listener with higher vibrational frequencies of light and  sound, gently bringing one into a state of serenity, wholeness and inner  peace.

"If your having an unbalanced feeling, this CD will surely calm and balance you. It will help you relax to sleep also" ... Christine

Healing Rods

Healing  Rods clean and balance chakras and also  clear away negative energies.  Healing rods are about 16" in length and  weighs about 2 lb. Chakras are  life energy centers within your body which, when purified and aligned,  bring balance, ease and well-being.