Lemurian Hollow Earth Crystal Headbands

Hollow Earth Lemuiran Headbands Zorra Billie Faye Woodard Crystal Meditation Headbands

  • Powerful Galactic Transmission Receiver Tool = 3 Band Styles to choose from.
  • Helps open your 3rd eye and keeps it open
  • Assists in achieving a deeper and focused meditation
  • It enhances greater concentration and clarity

Crystal Chakra Rod

Crystal Rod for Chakra cleansing and balancing.as used in ancient Atlantis and Lemuria

These special Crystal Rods assist you in cleaning and balancing chakras also help clear away negative energies. They are about 16" in length and  weighs about 2 lb. Chakras are  life energy centers within your body which, when purified and aligned,  bring balance, ease and well-being.   

Quick Restore Harmonizers

Quick Restore Harmonizers Superior Shungite Mix




This superior Shungite mix was Galactic Inspired.  It works with your body's natural electrical circuit for results that can be felt within a minute or 2 if you are sensitive to your body.

Zorra's Harmonizer Pendant

Zorra of Hollow Earth Harmonizer Pendant

  • Subtle clearing and balancing of energy on many levels
  • EMF balancing
  • Created with the most powerful & helpful Earth elements
  • Learn more about these HARMONIZERS below

Superior Cell Phone Harmonizer

Superior Shungite Cell Phone Harmonizer

Cell phone Harmonizer discs are our small size discs (1.75") but are thinner so they dont add bulk to your phone. They have double sided tape to stick to your phone or phone case. * Skin safe and non toxic. 

USE your phone on speaker and lay it down when possible!

4 styles to choose from: 

* Flower of Life 

* Om Symbol

* Heart Chakra

* Crown Chakra

Superior Shungite Placemat

Superior Shungite Mat Water Harmonizer

Research shows incredible things when you sit your water, food, vitamins & supplements on Shungite.

Our Shunite placemat is superior as it is a galatic inspired mixture that is self powered and self cleaning.

Place your cooked food on this mat for at least 5-7 minutes and do the purification technique found here under services to get the most from your food and drinks!

Placing your hands on this is truely an incredible feeling if your sensitive. You can put your bare feet on this for earthing benefits of grounding and even sleep on it.